Got to see Ten Out of Tenn last night! Awesome show, especially Andrew Belle!

New album next week!

Can’t wait for the new album Tuesday!


After a lifetime of watching baseball there is still nothing more infuriating than seeing a group of grown men dive over the wall to try and snag a fair ball hit down the line. Do they not understand that the ball is in play and they are influencing the outcome of the game? Was a souvenir ball the…

Great ideas here, folks.


If anyone asks you for a photo representation of “Man,” this is it. 

 (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

It’s about time, Albert.


When it’s gone, it’s gone. 

One day after hitting two home runs including the game-winner in extra innings, Albert Pujols does it again. Leading off the bottom of the tenth, Pujols sent Rodrigo Lopez’s 88 mph two-seamer clear out of the ballpark for his 13th home run on the season and fifth since May 30th, giving the Cardinals a 3-2 victory against the Cubs. 

Usually when one says “regression to the mean,” what they’re really saying is that a player’s statistics will soon come crumbling down. In King Albert’s case it means get ready for non-stop, never-ending magic for the rest of the summer. 

Andrew Belle sings this song like he wrote it.  Sorry Death Cab for Cutie, this version is so much better than the original. 

By far, one of the best plays I’ve seen in a while.


This one’s got all the hits:

  • Deflection off the pitcher
  • Barehanded snag
  • Toss behind the back
  • Completed double play

Sure, the Indians lost, but that’s not Asdrubal Cabrera’s fault. Click through for the highlight.


Thanks to Lance Berkman, the Cardinals have started my new favorite baseball tradition: wearing  thrift store turtlenecks. Thanks to Fat Elvis, the Cardinals have become a team full of hipsters, so don’t be shocked when you see Skip Schumaker and Jake Westbrook at the next Deerhunter concert. 

Mitchell Boggs has gone all in though, clearly establishing himself as the second greatest Boggs to ever play the game. While describing his turtleneck, Boggs said:

“It is a woman’s medium from 1970, so it is a little snug. It is Big Bird yellow. I was trying to get the most outlandish one I could find. Not to toot my own horn, but I like my ensemble right now.”

Stirrup socks were last year, this season turtlenecks are all the rage. 

(Photo via Big League Stew)

"You are bought with blood.  Accept and rejoice for freedom has come."

-Jimmy Needham